Exclusief bedrijf Nederland
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Find an open cell ceiling that fits your building perfectly

Do you want to install an open cell ceiling in your building in the Netherlands? Then you should contact Ceilings and Lighting and have them help you choose the perfect ceiling and install it for you. This company offers a wide variety of open cell ceilings. Thanks to that there is always an open cell ceiling that fits the architecture of the building perfectly. This ceiling system can even be delivered with lighting incorporated into it, so that the ceiling highlights the most stunning parts of your building and provides the right amount of lighting. Next to that, Ceilings and Lighting offers ceilings of the highest quality. This means you will enjoy your new ceiling for many years to come and it will keep looking as good as when you first bought it for a very long time.

Choose from a variety of ceiling systems in different shapes and colors

What kind of open cell ceiling do you want to have installed? Are you looking for a small grid, or a larger one? Of would you prefer baffles? The possibilities are endless when you get your ceiling from Ceilings and Lighting. Examples of the open cell ceilings they offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Eurogrid
  • Deltaline
  • Bi-planar
  • Euroline

Not only do the ceilings come in a variety of shapes, they are also available in many different colors. This means there is always a ceiling that fits the rest of your interior perfectly.

Contact this expert for more information about the possibilities

When you choose an open cell ceiling, you choose an inspiring ceiling system that is much more special than a regular ceiling. It really allows you to set your building apart from the rest and adds an extra dimension to its architectural design. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of this type of ceiling? Then feel free to contact the experts at Ceiling and Lighting. They will gladly provide you with more information and answer any questions you might have. Getting you the ceiling that fits your building perfectly is their priority.